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11:56 PM
Not work for everybody!
update: 05.12.2008 00:00 (Moscow time)

1) Give the folder the game and set. 
2) Run the shortcut on your desktop. The game does not start, instead, start Social Club. Here at your discretion, may be regitsya, you can not connect. 
3) When you start Social Club Click on "Play". 
4) Enjoy the game, and now the camera shake is not. 

Note 1. Files from the command LOBO. 
Note 2. To save the game after starting to create an autonomous Live account. 
Note 3. If you have XP SP2 and you do not want to put SP3 will help you this file: Download , all you need is to run the file to accept the submission of data and restart the computer.


Please leave your comments (working or not)

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3 DIBO  
Men fuck this shit it ain't working how i am going to wait 5 mother fucking min

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2 farizal  

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1 gigidy  
WAIT 5 MINUTES ... CRACK updating
WTF? :)

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